Can you Inspire?

We always have a place for any volunteer within the group. The positions listed below just positions we would like to fill to support our growing and developing group.

If you think you could volunteer; no matter how much or little, whether you can help with the gardening, testing the fire alarm, or just help at the odd event or activity, we want to hear from you!

Scout Section Leader

Are you bursting with energy and ideas? Are you most at home in a room full of people, helping bring out the best in them? Good. Then you’ll do nicely as a Scout Section Leader. We promise to support you every step of the way, and no you don’t need to have been a Cub or a Scout.

Assistant Beaver Leader

105th Beaver colony is thriving, so much so that we have waiting list. This isn’t something to be proud of, and we need to get these young people in to scouting. More volunteers can help us achieve this and get more young people in to Scouting!  We promise to support you every step of the way, and no you don’t need to have been a Cub or a Scout.

Fund Raising Committee

We have an exciting opportunity to re-develop our headquarters having gained planning permission to replace our existing building. Have you got energy and ideas, or an ambition to join the fund raising committee and help deliver exciting events, putting the fun in to fund raising? We’re trying to establish three large annual events, which are fun, and contribute to our fund raising efforts.

volunteer2Flexible Volunteering

All of the above roles offer flexible volunteering, which means that you volunteer whenever you can. So if you can’t commit one week that’s fine. We need volunteers to enable us to keep operating the way we do, and for us to grow and develop as a group. No experience is required for any of the above roles, and we would support you every step of the way.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the above roles please contact your section leader or email us.


Interested or want to find out more?… Make a membership enquiry, or drop Mick or Tom a line…

Mick Pears
(Group Scout Leader)

Tom Hague
(Assistant Group Scout Leader)